Siding Installation and Repair

let's put new shingles on, sounds easy enough

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This home by the sea had some tired shingles, they were old, dry and falling out in places.  The owner mentioned: “There might be another layer under the shingles”. Indeed there was!!

some clever soul had figured out how to cover clapboards with shingles. This ultimately proved to be a bad idea.

As shown here when shingles go over clapboards they can not really do the job they were intended to do: Keep out the water.

of course the entire house was not like this but the back suffered badly in this corner.

The crew dug in and we worked for about a week per side to remove both layers, repair the crumbling framing, call the insurance adjuster, and the town inspector.  I was so worn out that i didn’t pick up the camera again until we got ahead of the mess. The remaining shots show a rather “normal” shingle job in progress.

Here is the front Dormer.

Here’s our staging setup. What fun it was to move it four times!!

west facing side all done

Because there was now only one layer of red cedar shingles all the window casings had to be adjusted. We also rebuilt the rain flare in the middle of the house.

staging removed from the east side.Time must be taken to "weave" the corner shingles

The first picture in this series was originally called “before” that would make this one, “after”.