Another Day another deck…..

Once upon a time at a house beside the bay someone built a lovely curved stairway leading from the house to the lawn to the sea. Over time, the untreated wood structure was invaded by everything; water, salt, insects, gravity and recurring temperature changes. All things considered it did it’s job well for a long time.

During the Winter it is cold and wet and buffeted by the freezing northeast wind and rain. In Summer this east-facing area can become to hot that you can only sit there for a few moments before retiring to the water or the shade. Now the conspiracy of the elements had taken their toll and the deck surface was coming apart and the substructure was collapsing.

removing the damage


Much of the old framing has been taken out but from this view the extent of the damage can be seen.

yes it was all bad down below.

I was happy to find the decking was not a continuous long  run into the porch but was made up of short sections that stopped beneath the partition containing the screens.  These partitions were easily removed and set aside.

new framing installed

The dirty hard work took place below this spot as the entire structure called for new support posts. The 2×6 forward frame member had to be kerfed in order to get it to bend.

moving on... the old deck boards are sanded and replaced just like they were.

The owners decided to have me put in some hand rails. Here are the first two cedar posts.

cedar balusters get installed and the bottom posts are anchored.

weathered paint is sanded from the stair treads and primer is applied.

a look from the front.

new railings and the top landing with finish paint

a solid landing to step off on and the new railing in place.